Have you ever tried to enrol on to one of your own trials as a ‘Mystery Shopper’?

Trial Onboarding. Patients.

At ESMS we have been mystery shopping for enrolment on trials sponsored by a variety of Pharma companies and the experience is not one the industry can be proud of.

Our experience is that the process is cumbersome, slow and fraught with administration meaning that for your potential patients, customers and advocates are often made to feel that they are a nuisance and not very welcome. The communication with enquirers is largely in the form of standard responses and very obviously so. The process is not one that imbues the values of traditional customer service.

In response to this ESMS now provides a service which holds the patients’ hands through the process and seeks feedback at various stages to ensure the patients are supported throughout and have someone to turn to when their enrolment process stalls. Most commonly we see sites that do not respond at all leaving the patient with no alternative but to give up or seek alternative sites and/or sponsors. ESMS is able to identify sites which fail to respond to enrolment enquiries.

Further to this, because all enquiries from trial registries are managed as a single source of data, ESMS is able to identify both committed and less committed or organised sites, demand by trial and site as well as handling requests for compassionate use requests, applications to become investigators and in responding to a wide variety of requests we are able to provide a more personal approach.

We can provide a global service in as many countries and languages as required and to provide responses via email and over the phone.

We are also able to provide pre-screening services to ensure a high level of eligibility of patients before they enter the site consultation process.

By using ESMS Trial On Boarding you can remove all personal details of site clinicians from trial registries

Adopting the ESMS Trial On Boarding service, means you can be sure that enquirers are responded to promptly and appropriately with a personalised service and that they will be followed up to explore how their enquiry is progressing.

You can build a friendlier more caring brand and, in the process, reduce recruitment costs at the same time.

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