ESMS Global provides specialist services to support Clinical Trials and Medical Information. We’re available to cover your Medical Monitoring and emergency unblinding requirements 24 hours a day, seven days a week, anywhere in the world.

Our global reach currently supports more than 300 studies and 110K patients in 80 countries, speaking over 45 languages. We know that patient safety is paramount and we’re here to help you ensure the highest possible standards.

We know patient safety is paramount we are here to help you ensure the highest possible standards.

Established 60 years ago

Our service was established in 1963, providing Medical Toxicology and Information Services within the ‘poison’s unit’ of Guy’s Hospital London.

In 1996 ESMS became a new division within the unit, providing specialist medical response and emergency unblinding services for the pharmaceutical industry.

In 2007 we were recognised as a ‘centre of excellence’ during our first GCP inspection by the MHRA and in 2011 ESMS became a private limited company.

Core Competencies

Our team has worked created a service that is not only continuously available, but will also deliver beyond regulatory requirements. Our core capabilities and services are:

  • Emergency medical response services for clinical trials 24/7/365
  • Medical monitoring and response services during every trial stage, to support subject participation and raise engagement and retention levels.
  • Reliable, cost-efficient language translation support in 45 languages.

Quality assurance

  • Our clinical trial services comply with ICH Good Clinical Practice standards
  • Our medical information services follow PIPA Guidelines and comply with the ABPI Code of Practice
  • We have undergone routine GCP inspection by the MHRA
  • Our quality management system has been consistently certified to ISO 9001 since 2013

“ESMS has prevented several unnecessary code breaks during the recruitment period. The team work with you to produce comprehensive procedures and their experts are able to direct callers to more information as an alternative to unblinding where possible.”

JILL WOOD, Quality Assurance Manager, Warwick Clinical Trials

Telecoms options

No two ESMS customers are the same, which is why we offer different ways of working. If you need dedicated telephone lines, secured solely for your use, we can provide them. This might be your preferred option if you want to use our service for a portfolio of studies across several different countries and want all patients to be able to use dedicated in-country lines. Our shared telephone lines offer a more cost-efficient but equally reliable service and are ideal for smaller or local studies. For small to mid-sized organisations, using the centralised ESMS line or integrating our telecoms service into your current solution might better suit your needs and your budget.