Clinical Trials

Telephone Diary Support Service

When a senior patient pool, vital to the study, failed to embrace the technology the rate of patient recruitment suffered greatly. This case study highlights the implementation of a protocol amendment allowing for an alternative support service for collection of vital data to be recorded on a daily basis, by contacting patients directly over the telephone instead of requiring them to complete an electronic diary. This allowed the recruitment process to grow for patients who would otherwise not be able to participate in the study.

Preventing Unnecessary Unblinding

In an emergency medical situation, the treating physician usually wants to know what study medication the patient is receiving, and many of the calls that ESMS receive start with a request for unblinding. However, equipped with information from the protocol and Investigator’s Brochure, it is often possible for ESMS to prevent unnecessary unblinding while providing the physician with the information they need to treat the patient safely.

Patient Call

Occasionally ESMS receive telephone calls from frustrated and concerned trial patients who are unable to make contact with their Investigator when they might feel unwell. As daunting as this may be for the patient, ESMS can be a supporting voice over the telephone to reassure the patient, engage with them and help to keep them on the trial.

APIPPRA – Arthritis Prevention In The Pre-Clinical Phase of  Rheumatoid Arthritis

ESMS Client and top ten UK university in the world, Kings College London. KCL approached ESMS to support their phase IIb trial to investigate Arthritis prevention in the pre-clinical stage. This case study highlights their need for a solution to provide support to healthcare professionals looking after trial patients in medical emergencies and perform codebreaking as required in order to satisfy following ICH-GCP E6-R2 and MHRA GCP guidelines

Medical Information

Multilingual – 24/7 Emergency Order Service

A new client approached us for help in setting up a 24/7, multilingual, call centre to process and triage emergency orders for a time sensitive, unlicensed pharmaceutical product used as an antidote to chemotherapy. The medicine is licensed in the USA and the client was looking to distribute it throughout the EU and Australia.