Clinical Trial Support

Concierge Service

Providing support to both patients and clinical trial sites, the ESMS concierge service ensures your trial runs smoothly. It is designed to increase patient engagement and retention while simultaneously reducing administration tasks for sites.

Taking care of patient communication

We act as a single point of contact for patients, proactively guiding them through participation and managing logistical aspects of the trial and making sure they have a positive experience and a person they can contact with any concerns.

We can check in regularly to resolve any issues and provide additional support on everything from medical devices to simple appointment follow ups.

Putting the patient first at every step

Direct support for your trial sites

Using a patient concierge in a study takes a large administrative burden off sites. With less site staff and study coordinator time spent on the tasks handled by a patient concierge, more time can be spent on patient care and completing the trial within expected timelines.

The services we provide include, but not limited to:

  • medication and appointment reminders
  • appointment follow up
  • device support
  • home nursing coordination
  • electronic patient reported outcome (ePRO) support
  • electronic clinical outcome assessment (eCOA) support

During the trial, we’ll continue to take a proactive approach. Our Patient Concierge team will communicate directly with your investigative sites to obtain the protocol and appointment information they need. The concierge can also relay any concerns raised by your patients, to make sure you can take the action needed to avoid problems escalating or patients leaving the trial.

Direct support for patients

Our service improves the patient experience whilst on a clinical trial by reaffirming that there is always someone available to help. If their care needs change or they are having trouble using complex devices, we’ll be there to talk through their concerns and help smooth the way.

Through increased interaction and with real time support, engagement levels are high and patients are kept on trial.

Our Concierge Services can be provided in several different languages, to be sure patients can get in touch with confidence, wherever they are across the globe.

Trial Onboarding Service

Supporting patients every step of the way

Our ‘Trial Onboarding’ service has been designed as a central point of contact for triaging telephone calls and e-mails from trial specific websites or registries, such as

Only ESMS contact details are listed on, thus securing data privacy of site contacts who would rather not have their personal details on public websites. Our service shields them from nuisance spam calls and emails as all enquiries come through to us.

We manage a wide range of enquiries including potential patients, compassionate use requests, warm handling of media, medical information enquiries and escalation of regulatory and emergency support enquiries. We also handle HCP enquiries for those that wish to enrol patients in a trial.

ESMS connects potential participants to their nearest site and, if required, perform pre-screening questionnaires to reduce site administrative burden and workload. Enrolment enquirers are sent the site phone and email details, which are updated within a day of ESMS being informed.

Benefits of the service

Choosing us provides patients with access to experienced, well-trained Information Scientists 24/7. In addition, we provide:

  • As a single point of contact, ESMS provides you with the ability to view all your trial enquiries from giving you a complete picture of behavioural patterns from one source of data
  • Tracking of key data points, site response times.
  • Handling enquiries across 80 countries and over 45 languages.
  • Immediate response to enquirers wishing to enrol.
  • All calls can be audio recorded and documented.
  • Calls handled in English or native language.
  • Standard responses with feedback options to measure effectiveness.
  • Removal of all personal contact details of site clinicians from

Decentralised Clinical Trials (DCT) in the time of COVID-19 and Beyond

The focus on delivering patient-centric practices to improve clinical trial participation by reducing the burden on patients is the cornerstone of clinical research excellence.

Over the last few years, there has been a shift to bring the clinical trial to the patient’s home, an evident disruption of historical clinical trial conduct practices.

While adoption has not been widespread, the COVID-19 pandemic has rapidly turned this ideology into a necessary reality.

  • Improving patient recruitment and retention for trials by reducing the patient burden of travel and time going to physical sites
  • Finding the right patients by removing geographic barriers to patient eligibility
  • Offering a flexible and fully integrated hybrid site model customized to the comfort levels of the patients, sites, sponsors, etc.
  • Overcoming COVID-19 restrictions and restoring continuity of new and ongoing clinical trials regardless of future restrictions
  • We aim to create a patient-centered approach helping to increase retention and ultimately improving efficiency by reducing trial duration times.

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