Case Study: Outsourcing Medical Monitoring for antipsychotic medication

The Challenge

Clozapine is an antipsychotic medication used in treatment-resistant schizophrenia and psychosis in Parkinson’s Disease. Treatment with clozapine comes with a risk of agranulocytosis.

Since the introduction by the MHRA for white blood cell count monitoring in clozapine patients, the incidence of those developing agranulocytosis has decreased markedly.

When a clozapine monitoring service is not used, evidence suggests a mortality rate from agranulocytosis of 0.3% (compared to 0.01% when clozapine is used in conjunction with a monitoring service.

Key requirements for the client

It is a regulatory requirement that blood monitoring should be carried out in clozapine patients in alignment with specific official recommendations, including daily blood monitoring in patients that fall below a certain threshold.

Given the frequency of testing of clozapine patients, the often urgent need to access support for the service, and the complexity of the testing protocols, the client was in need of robust and high quality Out of Hours support solution.

Our solution

Outcome and benefits

  • Expertise in the setup and management of a bespoke scientific call centre service.

  • Security in knowing that high quality, professional support for the client’s monitoring service was available around the clock.

  • Flexibility to utilise ESMS for office hours support to handle call surges and ‘out of office’ periods including maternity leave, training days and office parties.

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