Case Study: Multilingual 24/7 Emergency Order Service


A new client approached us for help in setting up a 24/7, multilingual, call centre to process and triage emergency orders for a time sensitive, unlicensed pharmaceutical product used as an antidote to chemotherapy.

The medicine is licensed in the USA and the client was looking to distribute it throughout the EU and Australia.


The pharmaceutical product is used in cases of toxicity arising from use of a commonly prescribed chemotherapeutic agent. The US license for the product specifies that in order to be effective, patients needed to be treated with the medicine within 96 hours of exposure to the chemotherapeutic agent. The nature of the toxicity meant that patients could present at any time and require immediate treatment.

This created the need for an ordering solution that was robust, reliable and efficient so that the customer could place an order at any time of day and be guaranteed that it would be received, processed quickly and arrive at the correct destination in enough time to treat the patient.

The client was planning to warehouse the product in the United Kingdom and distribute it on a named patient basis to patients based in the European Union and Australia. This created the additional problem overcoming the language barriers involved in offering the product throughout the European Union.

Our solution

Outcome and benefits

  • Time-critical delivery of essential antidote.

  • Flexibility to change and improve processes throughout the life of the service.

  • The client is secure knowing that their ordering service is
    available around the clock.

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