How we help you with clinical trials recruitment

We support and manage enquiries from trial registries such as

Our service has been designed as a global point of contact for triaging telephone calls and emails from trial specific websites or registries, including and others.

We manage a wide range of enquiries including enrolment requests from patients or carers, compassionate use requests, warm handling of media and medical information enquiries, and escalation of regulatory and emergency support enquiries.

We also handle HCP enquiries for those that wish to enrol patients onto a trial. Our support is available 24/7 in 45 languages.

We ensure the privacy of site contact details, such as those of any Principal Investigators or Study Coordinators that are involved

Only ESMS contact details are listed on, thus securing data privacy of site contacts who may not want to have their personal details on public websites. Our service also handles spam calls and emails, as all enquiries come through to us.

We offer a pre-screening eligibility service prior to onward referral to trial sites

ESMS, if required, performs pre-screening questionnaires to reduce site administrative burden and workload, before referring potential participants to their nearest site.

Enrolment enquirers contact ESMS via a dedicated email address or in-country phone number. ESMS will then provide the phone and email details of the nearest site in the enquirer’s own language.

In case of any trial site staff changes, each site contact that is sent by the client is updated within a day of ESMS being informed.

Site engagement monitoring

The ESMS trial enrolment service provides data which identifies sites which are more and less responsive to enrolment enquiries. Thus, the Sponsor is better informed of those sites who may need to improve communication with enquirers. ESMS, if required, will contact sites to find out how communication with patients and HCPs can be improved.

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