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Direct To Patient Helpline

How we help patients with apps or software

ESMS acts as a single point of contact for supporting patients with the use, maintenance, and troubleshooting of patient companion apps and software (SaMD).

We deliver a compassionate, empathic service for patients who require support. In addition to supporting patients using apps, we also support patients who do not wish to use an app – for these patients we collect trial data, which we then report to the CRO.

We are also able to identify adverse events, document details, and report to Sponsor PV within 24hrs.

What is included

  • Initial user registration
  • Data capture on behalf of patients unwilling to use an app
  • Level 1 technical support
  • Response to device alerts
  • Escalation of issues to technical helpdesk
  • Escalation of issues to device/software development teams
  • Identification, capture, and reporting of adverse events
  • Compassionate support for trial patients

How we help HCPs with apps or software

Whether you are using an app or software for a clinical trial or as part of a virtual ward, as a healthcare professional you will be aware of the importance of having immediate support around the clock, when it is required.

ESMS is able to support your patients, you and your team, whether that is help with software or an app, by:

  • Handling alerts and adverse events
  • Passing on protocol or treatment details
  • Ensuring that information and support is available to clinical teams 24/7/365

We are able to customize a data capture solution which aligns with your specific requirements.

Multilingual, global support

We provide support in 45 languages, industry standard global call-centre telecoms, and compliant validated computer systems to gather data.

In addition to this, our team of consultant physicians, also available 24/7, is able to provide support in the case of a clinical emergencies.

Help with recruitment to clinical trials

We support and manage enquiries from trial registries such as – as a result, we manage a wide range of enquiries including enrolment requests from patients or carers, compassionate use requests, warm handling of media and medical information enquiries, plus escalation of regulatory and emergency support enquiries.

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